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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic software

Hi Guys,

Be sure to check on your firmware version and update it from time to time. This will ensure that your phone is equiped with the latest info and updates. Although there is number of webpage that offer the downloadable file for the firmware, i strongly recomend to get it done from the phone itself or nokia webpage itself. As for me, i only do the updates from the phone itself (i'll explain later on how to check for updates on firmware). But if you have no problem on getting it from the web, here is one from nokia page itself.
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic software version 31.0.008
This software release comes with a new version of Ovi Maps, which offers improved maps and enhanced pedestrian and drive navigation. Additionally, the software release includes several performance improvements. This software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater at www.nokia.com/softwareupdates.

Although some of you may find firmware version in the net, but i can seem to get in in nokia page or thru the phone firmware update, so i dont dare to recomend to you guys. But if any of you have tried it, and if it works fine, please do share it with us.

Getting back on how to check the firmware is
  • bring up the 'Dialer'
  • press *#0000# and you will see your firmware / software version (eg: V 30.0.011)
  • you may check when was the last update was done on the same page itself.
  • to check for updates, press 'option' and 'check for updates'.
This required internet connection, so i suggest to do this in any WiFi available spot (can also test your WiFi, at the same time, ;-) )

When doing this, u will not be able to use your phone, and your phone will restart so the new effect can take place. Please be informed.


  1. hmmm.. I am think about buying either 5800 or 5530
    do you encounter any error for using 5800 seriously??

  2. Sorry for the delay... Still i prefer 5800.. but to tell the truth, compared to Sony's Cybershot, Nokia is still lacking the sharpness in its Carl Zeiss optics. Apart from that, this surely is one of nokia's finest product...